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          Zhongshan Sino-agrochemical co Ltd established by professional team which have a very strong experience in synthetic pyrethroid in 2005 engaging in R&D ,manufacturing and marketing with synthetic Pyrethroid and household insecticide .We took up with development in promoting synthetic Pyrethroid and new active ingredient of inecticide in order to improve living environment .

          We have a strong technical innovation ability with a fully furnished with advanced production facility and test equipment .Our products cover with Tetramethrin , D-tetramethrin , D-allethrin , Es-biothrin , Imiprothrin ,D-phenothrin ,D-cyphenothrin etc .

          Our end objective is to reach out to the international market . In the pass two years ,we have already established in exporting our products to south-east Asia and Europe etc. We have cooperation with international company to establish a long-term alliances and we have won their confidence and have proven ourselves to be the trustworthy partner . At same time ,we also pay due importance to the development of domestics market and our synthetic pyrethroid is being well received and popular in China .

          We welcome friends from all walks of life and from all around the world, to explore cooperation possibilities and to join hand in hand for the mutual benefit and the betterment of our future.

      Product Name :
      COPYRIGHY @ 2008 Zhongshan Sino-agrochemical co Ltd  Tel:86 0760-8404288 Fax:86 0760-88404388[Manage]

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